Hyperrealism as Fine Art

“Deliverance” by Teresa Elliot

Hyperrealistic pictures brought art to many in the 21st century. The pictures, frequently used to define current trends as “pop” art (Read more here.) were often distributed through technological means (Read more here.). The “low art” aspects of the movement do not speak for the entire movement, though.

Like Teresa Elliott’s picture “Deliverance,” shown above, much of the artwork displayed in the hyperrealistic movement tells an important story. Many of these masterpieces are aesthetically interesting to people because of the immense talent that is required and attention to detail. However, the value in the works is not only as show pieces to display an artist’s craftsmanship, but also to tell a story, to share experiences and emotions and philosophies on life.

Though they appeal to the masses, these works have great aesthetic and cultural value. They are expressive examples of fine art during this time period and may prove to dramatically change the landscape of artistic appreciation.


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