Perks to Hyperrealism

Old man pencil by francoclun

By Franco Clun

Hyperrealism’s attention to detail makes it more approachable for many people. Poet Ren Powell quotes a description of hyperrealistic art as “clearer and more distinct than the subject itself.” Some aesthetic philosophers propose that for a work to be aesthetically valuable, it should mimic real-life items. Hyperrealism is the ultimate expression of real-life objects, depicting them with amazing clarity. And, while structurally and technically, the movement is defined by the uncanny ability to mimic everyday sounds and images, the ability to mirror existing things is not what hyperrealism is about. The emotions, expressions, and symbolism that can clearly be seen through these works is the defining quality. Through these detailed pictures, viewers are given an opportunity to view the artist’s reality. The reality is seen clearly through the intimate details of each image. The realistic qualities of the works make them easier for the audience to connect and relate to and help provide direct information. For many who view art as abstract (even when it doesn’t strictly fit the technical definition) these pieces are easy to relate to and not overwhelming to try to interpret.


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