About Hyperrealism

By Raphaella Spence

Hyperrealism is a movement of art popular around the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century. The most notable quality in the works is a strong resemblance to reality.

There are many parts to the movement of hyperrealism. In the visual arts — painting, drawing, and sculpture — the “realistic” aspect of the art is demonstrated through pictures and sculptures that practically look real, their resemblance much closer to photographs than to any previous artistic movements. In literature and poetry, hyperrealism is qualified by stark representations of the truth, without embellishment, opinion, or biased description. Hyperrealism in music is created from real noises rather than technologically-altered sounds. The music comes from quick snapshots of other noises and is fitted together to create a seamless work of auditory art.

Though these are all valid representations of the movement, the most well-known artworks are the paintings and drawings.


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